Rubber Crumb

Crumb Rubber is made from 100% clean recycled rubber that provides safe, resilient and non-abrasive infill. It’s perfect for playgrounds, sports turf infill or any area that requires the protection, durability and flexibility of crumb rubber.

Rubber Crumb is ideal for running tracks, synthetic playing surfaces, playground surfaces, horse arena flooring, asphalt additive, asphalt crack sealants, paint non-slip additive, spec ground for OEM Manufacturing. We produce all our rubber crumb in our UAE owned and operated processing facility.

Rubber Crumb Uses

The application of a recycled tire is a practical and ecological solution, which not only helps the environmental balance but also supplies some needs within the industrial, sports, decorative, animal and urban sectors. Specifically, the crumb rubber which can be used in an endless number of applications, these crumbs are elastomeric compounds with a great variety of advantages to be offered in the different sectors mentioned above.


  • Industrial Sector
  • Sports Sector
  • Urban Solution
  • Animal Welfare
  • Crumb Rubber Gives us a Touch of Style


Road Asphalt

A tire crumb is easily used for road paving, making these roads stay for much longer without potholes, cracks, or deformations, if we compare them to regular asphalt roads, they also provide to drivers with a more comfortable route and improvements in the impacts caused to the vehicle in general.

Vibration Absorption Systems for Railway Structures

The use of crumb rubber is also to attenuate the vibrations and annoying noises caused by the transit of trains and trams in areas near buildings. It is made with quick assemblies and are low cost in maintenance.

Modification of Concrete Properties

The crumb rubber is added in a specific measure to the mass concrete modifying and improving its properties. Also opening new fields of application for concrete.


Solution for Stables

For the Stable Floors, farms, veterinary among others, the rubber pavers that result from the mixture of crumb rubber along with resin and dye, have become a great healthy and decorative solution. The benefits are enough to avoid the risk that both horses and cows will hurt their legs which would directly affect their productive performance.

These rubber pavers are the ideal material to cover your barn or stable because they have a great load capacity and resistance that give the animal the cushioning they need for a good rest. On the other hand, the designs and colors are varied and will bring beauty to your farm, they resist high climatic degrees, they are very simple to clean since almost with only water under pressure they will be hygienic and without fungus, they are resistant to the scratching of the animals, besides It stimulates the circulation of its legs and prevents cracks in the hooves.


Filling for Artificial Turf Football Fields

A good quality artificial turf that can be assigned to football fields without compromising the safety of the players must have a crumb rubber filling of specific granulometries depending on the type of field. For example, the crumb rubber intended for unofficial courses could be 2.36 mm, while a crumb rubber for the padding of a turf on a FIFA court would go from 0.5 to 2 mm, this with a tolerance margin of up to 10% as much. This rubber filler offers a considerable impact reduction, which makes each step much smoother thanks to its composition of elastomers that make the crumb compress when trampled, achieving a smooth and pleasant effect that significantly reduces the player’s injuries and that allows a more effective play.

Athletics or Cycling tracks

Thanks to the technique of emptying in situ, athletics tracks can be paved from the crumb rubber in its specific size, respecting the characteristics officially required by the International Athletics Federation. Among its benefits is the comfort and ease of travel that the athlete will obtain, in addition to the reduction of injuries due to the strong impact of falls during the race; also for cycling tracks where cyclists will enjoy a much smoother ride.


Road Speed Reducers

The speed reducers manufactured from the crumb rubber are effective and super necessary to increase safety in school zones, residential areas, urban areas, areas where speed is reduced by crossing roads, parking lots, cyclists’ areas, etc. Its manufacture, must comply with the regulations of transit of the place, being a modular system that is formed by body, external area and central area that increase safety, since the friction of the reducer with the wheel of the car is greater since they are both of natural rubber and the delineation in yellow must be of high reflective capacity and anti-slip. Likewise, because it is a product made from recycled rubber, it considerably reduces the pollution due to the waste of these.


Floor Slabs

The use of crumb rubber without steel and fiber, when mixed with resins and dyes, will allow the molding of pieces of different textures, shapes and colors to result in slabs for innocuous and super resistant floors with which exterior and interior spaces can be decorated. exteriors, giving a different and stylish touch to the decoration of your home or business. Among its advantages is the prevention of injuries due to strong impacts or falls, in addition to avoiding falls as these types of floors are non-slip, extremely resistant floors over time and provide unparalleled comfort to the user.

Decorative Mulch

The Mulch is asymmetric crumb rubbers free of steel, used in various types of surfaces to improve safety and aesthetics. A touch of style perfect for decorations of gardens, open spaces and playgrounds, as it offers irresistible advantages such as the proliferation of fungi and the growth of unwanted weeds. In the playground area, it provides security for children by cushioning falls.


Through the technique of emptying in situ, playgrounds can be paved with figures and designs made directly on the paved surface. This offers an unlimited development of creativity to offer the most child- friendly spaces. the rubber floor notoriously avoids falls due to anti-slip.