Rubber Crumb

Crumb Rubber is made from 100% clean recycled rubber that provides safe, resilient and non-abrasive infill. It’s perfect for playgrounds, sports turf infill or any area that requires the protection, durability and flexibility of crumb rubber.

Rubber Crumb is ideal for running tracks, synthetic playing surfaces, playground surfaces, horse arena flooring, asphalt additive, asphalt crack sealants, paint non-slip additive, spec ground for OEM Manufacturing. We produce all our rubber crumb in our UAE owned and operated processing facility.

Rubber Crumb Uses

The application of a recycled tire is a practical and ecological solution, which not only helps the environmental balance but also supplies some needs within the industrial, sports, decorative, animal and urban sectors. Specifically, the crumb rubber which can be used in an endless number of applications, these crumbs are elastomeric compounds with a great variety of advantages to be offered in the different sectors mentioned above.


  • Industrial Sector
  • Sports Sector
  • Urban Solution
  • Animal Welfare
  • Crumb Rubber Gives us a Touch of Style

Three Cut Tires

3 Piece Cut Tires

A tyre is cut into 3 pieces consisting of the two sidewalls and one tread. We produce clean cut tires in three pieces